Select and deselect an object

Sizing handles (handle: One of several small shapes displayed around an object when the object is selected. You can move or reshape an object by clicking on a handle and dragging.) indicate that the object or group of objects has been selected.

ShowSelect one object

  1. On the Objects toolbar, click Select Objects Button image.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To select a single object, click it. When an object is selected, a selection rectangle (selection rectangle: A rectangle with sizing handles that surrounds a selected object or objects.) appears around it.
    • To select an object that is part of a group, first select the group, and then click the object you want.
    • To select an object that is under other objects, first select the object on top, and then press the TAB key to cycle forward (or SHIFT+TAB to cycle backward) through the objects.
    • To select an object that is under other objects that cannot be selected by pressing the TAB key, on the View menu, click Master Page, and then click the object.

ShowSelect multiple objects

 Note   To select objects from the Master Page, first press CTRL+M to switch to Master Page view.

ShowDeselect one or more objects

  • To deselect all of the objects, click anyplace but on the objects.
  • To deselect one object at a time, hold down SHIFT and click the object.


If you are having difficulty selecting a specific object, click the arrow next to the Zoom box Zoom box and select the percentage by which you want to magnify the view.

Applies to:
Publisher 2003