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Use Visio drawings in presentations, documents, and publications

Mini Visio window open in publication

Do not resize the small Visio window that opens when you double-click an embedded drawing. Resizing the window resizes the frame that contains the drawing, and messes up your publication design. To make the drawing larger so you can revise it, click the arrow beside the Zoom box on the Standard toolbar, and then click a large percentage, such as 200%.

Embedded drawing

There are a couple of ways to revise the content of an embedded Visio drawing:

  • Double-click the drawing. It opens in a small Visio window (shown on the left), and Visio toolbars and menus temporarily replace the Publisher ones.

When you finish revising and click in the publication again, the small window disappears and the Publisher toolbars and menus reappear.

  • Right–click the drawing, point to Visio Object, and then click Open. This opens the drawing in Visio proper, where you can do your revisions.

Revisions you make to an embedded drawing affect only the copy in your publication and not the original.

Linked drawing

The best way to revise a linked drawing is to open the original drawing in Visio, make the changes, and save the file.

When you next open the publication the drawing is in, if your links are set to update automatically, you will be asked if you want to update the drawing in the publication.

Drawing pasted as a picture

You can't revise the content of a drawing you paste into your publication as a picture. If you want to change the content, you have to delete the picture in your publication, open the original drawing in Visio, make the changes you want, and then paste the revised version into your publication again.

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