Plan your Web site

Before you create your Web site, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want the site to do?
  • Whom do I want to visit my site, and how do I keep them coming back?
  • What look and tone — exciting, humorous, serious — will help convey my message to my audience?

It's critical to target information to your particular audience. Publish content that they find important. For a nonprofit organization, this could be information about current events. For a mid-sized corporation, it could be the latest news about corporate tools and processes. Whoever your audience, ask yourself what essential information they need to know, and then give it to them.

ShowEffective ways to use the Web site that you create

ShowProducts and services on the Web

  • Reach potential clients with information about services or products.
  • Introduce new products and services, and make special offers.
  • Sell merchandise directly through an electronic catalog.
  • Build corporate identity, brand awareness, and good public relations.
  • Publish the latest product or service information.
  • Publish your product literature and user guides.

ShowInformation gathering, feedback or interaction via the Web

  • Conduct research through surveys and questionnaires.
  • Create an educational forum for sharing the latest information in a given discipline.
  • Exchange information among members of clubs and across organizations.
  • Recruit participants for volunteer and fundraising activities.
  • Develop a qualified list of client prospects for goods and services.

ShowHow others contact you via the Web

  • Mail, call, or send you a fax.
  • Send e-mail messages.
  • Submit forms on your Web site that allow them to order products and give you credit card information.
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