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Use Visio drawings in presentations, documents, and publications

Color schemes command and PowerPoint item in list of schemes

To apply the current slide's color scheme to an embedded drawing:
Callout 1 In the Visio window that's adapted to PowerPoint, right-click, and click Color Schemes.
Callout 2 In the scheme list that opens, click PowerPoint. Then you'd click OK and click outside the Visio window to close it and see the new scheme's colors.

See the process on the left for giving an embedded drawing the same colors as the slide show.

Important     The option to apply the PowerPoint color scheme is available only if you edit in the Visio window that opens within PowerPoint. If, by contrast, you open the drawing for editing in a full Visio window, you can change the Visio color scheme but you can't apply the current PowerPoint one.

Note that if you embed the drawing by simply copying and pasting it, instead of using the Insert Object dialog box, you can still get the PowerPoint color scheme option—depending on how you copied and pasted. If you copy a selected portion of the drawing, you won't have the PowerPoint color schemes option available when you open the drawing in PowerPoint. If, however, you just open the drawing in Visio, and click Copy Drawing (Edit menu) or press CTRL+C, you'll have the PowerPoint color schemes option once you paste into PowerPoint.

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