Introducing Microsoft Office Publisher 2003

Microsoft® Office Publisher 2003 is the business publishing and marketing materials program that helps you create, design, and publish professional marketing and communication materials. You can create materials for print, e-mail, and the Web using the same familiar user interface in other programs in the Microsoft Office System.

Expanding Master Design Sets and publication types

Publisher 2003 now offers an expanded selection of publication designs and publication types to help you create polished, professional-looking publications for print, Web, and e-mail distribution.


New Master Design Sets     With the addition of 10 new Master Design Sets, you can now select from a total of 45 professionally-designed Master Design Sets when creating your publications. Master Design Sets enable you to apply a consistent design and identity to a range of common business publications. The new Master Design Sets include:

  • Arrows
  • Bounce
  • Brocade
  • Color Band
  • Marker
  • Modular
  • Perforation
  • Photoscope
  • Simple Divider
  • Tabs

New publication types     Create a wider variety of publications in Publisher. Publisher offers the following new or improved publication types:

  • Enhanced greeting cards and invitation cards     Select from an extensive collection of professionally-designed greeting cards and invitation cards, and then customize the contents to create your own unique cards. You can customize the layout, color, and design of each card. You can also customize your cards by choosing an appropriate verse from an extensive selection of greeting card verses. By selecting different design, layout, color, and verse combinations, you can create a virtually limitless array of unique cards.
  • CD/DVD labels     Create professional-looking labels for CDs and DVDs. You can also create coordinated inserts for CD/DVD cases.
  • Personal Stationery Sets    Use one of the Personal Stationery Sets to create a coordinated set of address labels, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards for personal or business use.
  • More Web site wizards     Create a professional-looking Web site by starting with one of the new Web Site Wizards: 3-Page Web Site, Product Sales, or Professional Services. Or use the Easy Web Site Builder to create a customized Web site that contains the page types that are appropriate to your specific needs. Publisher also offers an expanded selection of individual Web page types that you can select from to build your Web site one page at a time.
  • E-mail publications     Create professional-looking e-mail messages that have the same high quality look and design as your print publications. Create and send attractive, high-impact e-mail messages by choosing among the following E-mail Wizard options:
    • Newsletter
    • Letter
    • Event/Speaker
    • Event/Activity
    • Product List
    • Featured Product

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Enhancing layout and graphics

Publisher 2003 has enhanced layout and graphics features to give you better control over how you design your publication.

Bullet Better control of layout guides     The improved Layout Guides dialog box makes it easier to create margin guides, column guides, and row guides that you can use to create a well-ordered, professional layout.
Bullet Multiple master pages     Create several background pages that you can apply to your publication pages. Multiple master pages provide a more versatile means of incorporating commonly used design elements throughout your publication.
Bullet Empty picture frame     Quickly create mock-ups or templates using empty picture frames as placeholders for graphics. Later, you can replace the empty picture frame by adding a graphic from a file or directly from a scanner or digital camera.

Enhanced paragraph formatting     New options for paragraph formatting let you precisely define the relationship between one paragraph and the paragraphs that precede or follow it. In the new Line and Paragraph Breaks tab (Format menu, Paragraph dialog box), you can do the following:

  • Keep paragraphs or lines of text together wherever text flows across text boxes in your publication.
  • Eliminate the problem of widowed or orphaned paragraph fragments.
  • Create paragraph breaks that start in the next connected text box.
Bullet Baseline guide alignment     Align text across multiple columns to create a sharp, professional look to your publications.
Bullet Improved Design Checker     The Design Checker provides customized checks to give you just the information you want for the specific type of publication you are working on. You can check your publication for problems before you print it to a desktop printer, take it to a commercial printer, or publish it to the Web. You can choose to have the Design Checker automatically fix many of the problems it finds in your publication. The Design Checker will also give you detailed information for each problem, as well as a description of how the problem may affect your work.
Bullet Improved Graphics Manager     Quickly and easily view and sort a list of the graphics used in your publication. You can also use the Graphics Manager to fix problems with linked pictures and to view detailed information for all of your graphics.

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Optimizing mail and catalog merge

Publisher 2003 has a new Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard that allows you to use information that is stored in a data source, such as a spreadsheet, table, or database, to create a wide range of publications.


Add multiple records to a single page     Use the new catalog merge feature to merge multiple records from a data source into a single publication that displays one or more records per page. Use catalog merge to create product catalogs, directories, address books, photo albums, inventories, or other kinds of publications that list multiple items on a page.

When you use catalog merge, you combine information from a data source with a catalog merge template that you create to generate merged pages, which you can save as a new publication or add to the end of an existing publication. You can save your catalog merge template and use it again, whenever you update the information in your data source, to create additional sets of merged pages.

Bullet Merge pictures     Use the Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard to merge both text and pictures from a data source into publications when you perform either a mail merge or a catalog merge. Create individually customized publications with mail merge, or use catalog merge to create illustrated product catalogs or photo albums. In order to merge pictures into your publication, you must include the path or file name for each picture file that you want to use in the relevant data field of your data source.

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Creating Web sites

Publisher 2003 helps you create professional-looking Web sites that are customized for your needs. Publisher provides new and enhanced features for creating, editing, publishing, and updating Web sites.


Easy Web Site Builder     Create a Web site based on your goals. With Easy Web Site Builder, you can specify your goals for your Web site. Publisher will build a customized Web site that contains the page types that are appropriate to your specific needs. You can select from the following options:

  • Tell customers about my business
  • Tell customers how to contact us
  • Sell products
  • Describe services
  • Display a calendar or schedule
  • Display a list of projects or activities
  • Display employee information
  • Provide links to other Web pages

New Web site wizards     Quickly create a polished, professional Web site by starting with one of the new Web site wizards. New Web site wizards include:

  • 3-Page Web site
  • Product Sales
  • Professional Services

New Web site page types     Create and customize your Web site by selecting Web pages from an extensive list of new and enhanced Web page types. You can add any of the following pages to your Web site:

  • About Us
  • Blank
  • Calendar
  • Contact Us
  • Employee
  • Event
  • FAQ
  • Forms
  • General Information
  • General List
  • Home
  • Job List
  • Legal
  • News Article
  • Photos
  • Products
  • Project List/Resume
  • Related Links
  • Services
  • Special Offer
Bullet Multiple navigation bars     New and enhanced features help you add and edit navigation bars in Publisher. You can add, remove, or change links on a navigation bar, or change the design or button style of a navigation bar. Publisher also allows you to add secondary navigation bars to a Web site to create a navigation structure for your site.
Bullet New Web site editing environment     Publisher now provides two distinct environments for creating Web and print publications. When you create or edit Web publications, you work in Web mode. The options available to you in Web mode are tailored specifically to Web publications so that you can create a publication that is optimized for display in a Web browser.
Bullet Easier access to Web site options     When you are working in Web mode, Publisher makes it easy to access and specify settings for your Web site. Select page-specific options in the Web Page Options dialog box (Tools menu, Web Page Options command). Select site-wide options on the Web tab of the Options dialog box (Tools menu, Options command).
Bullet Maintain and update your Web site quickly and easily     The Incremental publish to the Web feature speeds up the process of updating your published Web site. When you make changes to your Web site, you do not need to republish the entire Web site. Instead, Publisher will publish only those files that you have changed.

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Optimizing publications for e-mail

Publisher 2003 includes new designs for publications that you can send as e-mail messages. You can create and send a wide variety of attractive, high-impact publications in e-mail.

Bullet New E-Mail wizards     Use any of the six e-mail publication layout options and 45 master design sets in Publisher to create and send e-mail publications. New e-mail layout options include newsletters, letters, event notices, and product lists.
Bullet Enhanced compatibility     Send your publications as e-mail messages using Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 and Microsoft Outlook Express. Publisher e-mail publications now have enhanced compatibility, allowing recipients to read them in HTML-enabled mail clients such as Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo, as well as Outlook.
Bullet E-Mail Preview     Preview your publication before you send it as an e-mail message. When you preview your e-mail publication using E-Mail Preview, you view the publication in your current Web browser. This allows you to see what your publication will look like when it is viewed by the e-mail recipient.

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Extending commercial printing features

Publisher 2003 has significantly improved the commercial printing features to make it easier for you to get professional output of your publications.

Bullet Composite CMYK output     Publisher will print composite CMYK PostScript output that can be used with third-party trapping and page-imposition programs.

Easier to create and print separations     New advanced print settings let you create separations directly from the Print dialog box. Now you can do the following:

  • Print plates for a single process-color or spot-color ink.
  • Set custom line screen frequencies and line screen angles for individual spot colors.
  • Convert spot colors to process colors in the Print dialog box.
Bullet Optimized RGB to CMYK conversion     Obtain more accurate CMYK values for gradients and for graphics that have been scaled or rotated.
Bullet Enhanced color controls     Create and manage colors and inks in your publication. It's now much easier to change or replace inks and colors. You can also choose to maintain tint or luminosity when replacing one spot-color ink with another.

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Enhancing the Publisher workspace

Publisher 2003 includes new features that make it quick and easy for you to complete common tasks in the Publisher workspace.


Improved getting started     In addition to opening an existing publication or template as soon as you open Publisher, you can also quickly create a publication by choosing from one of the following categories in the New Publication task pane:

  • Publications for Print
  • Web Sites and E-mail
  • Design Sets
  • Blank Publications
Bullet Easier to work with pages     The new page sorter makes it easy to rearrange the pages in your publication. Use the page sorter to drag and drop pages from one location to another, or to quickly go to a specific page in your publication. You can use the page sorter to insert, rename, duplicate, or delete pages. You can also use the page sorter to apply master pages.
Bullet Improved Find and Replace     Publisher now makes finding and replacing text in your publication much easier. Use the new Find and Replace task pane to search for text across multiple text boxes, multiple stories, or an entire publication.
Bullet Panning across the workspace     If your mouse has three or more buttons, you can use the third and fourth mouse buttons to pan across the workspace to get a better view of objects on your page or in the scratch area.
Bullet Enhanced zooming     Zoom up to 800% in Publisher. Also, if your mouse has a fifth button, you can use it to quickly zoom in or out on a particular area of the page.

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