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Text box divided into three columns

The text box under "Lead Story Headline" above is divided into three columns. The default spacing between the text and column boundary is .08 inches (5.75 points or .203 centimeters).

In Publisher, it's easy to turn any text box into equally-spaced columns of the same size.

When you add text to columns that you create by dividing a text box, if the text fills one column, it automatically flows into the next column.

To divide a text box into columns, you would click Text Box on the Format menu, click the Text Box tab, and then click Columns. You can then choose the number of columns you want to divide a text box into, and control the spacing between the text and the column boundary.

You can also make columns by creating a separate text box for each column. In this case, text will not flow automatically from one column to the next unless you link the text boxes (as described in the next lesson).

Note     If there is any possibility that you might convert a print publication for use on the Web, it's best to make each column a separate text box.

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