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Variations in line spacing, tracking, kerning, and drop caps applied to text

Publisher gives you control over the size of text and the spacing between the words and characters in a text box. By using the options on the Format menu, you can change the amount of space between characters and lines to copyfit the text, create more or less white space around it, and make it easier to read.

On the Format menu, you can click:

  • Font to change the font, font size, font color, or style.
  • Paragraph to change the alignment, indentation, space between lines, and line and paragraph breaks.
  • Bullets and Numbering to add or change the style of bullets and numbers.
  • Character Spacing to change the amount of space the selected text spans on a line (also known as scaling and tracking) and to change the space between the selected characters (also known as kerning).
  • Drop Cap to enlarge a paragraph's first character or set of characters and control the position of the character relative to the paragraph's first lines.

After you decide on the formatting for your text, you can easily reuse your formatting choices in other paragraphs and text boxes in your publication by creating a style based on the settings and applying it to other text. To get started creating a style, on the Format menu, click Styles.

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