Demo: Personalize newsletters with E-mail Merge in Publisher 2007

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If your business depends on making customers feel personally cared for, you know the value of a newsletter. But you might also know how time-consuming it can be to tailor the message and offerings in a newsletter and manage your recipient list. Now the new E-mail Merge feature in Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 makes it easy.

The E-mail Merge task pane gives an overview of the process and walks you through the mail merge. You can customize your recipient list by combining lists, deleting outdated items, and eliminating duplicates, and then personalize your message by dragging names and other merge fields from the task pane to the newsletter. When you're ready, Publisher sends your newsletter in Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express. Watch the demo to see how easy it is to get the right message to the right recipients.

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Applies to:
Publisher 2007