Crop a picture

Although Publisher has some basic photo editing capabilities that allow you to crop (to a rectangular shape), resize, set a transparent region, rotate, add fill color, add borders, and recolor your pictures, it is not a photo editing program.

To crop a picture to a nonrectangular shape such as a star or circle, you have two options:

  • If you have Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 with Digital Imaging, Microsoft Digital Image Pro, or another photo editing program, you can use the photo editing features to perform more advanced photo editing on your pictures and then insert the edited pictures into a publication. Also, if you are using a photo editing program, be sure to check help in that program for more information about how to crop a picture in that program.
  • Although you cannot crop a picture to a specific shape, such as a circle, you can insert a picture into a shape, giving the appearance of a cropped picture. For more information about inserting a picture into a shape, click a link under See Also.

To crop a picture to a rectangular shape

  1. Select the picture.

When you select a picture, the Picture toolbar is displayed.

Picture toolbar

 Note   The Picture toolbar is not displayed automatically when you select an AutoShape or a WordArt object. Although you can display the Picture toolbar (point to Toolbars on the View menu, and then select the Picture check box), you cannot crop an AutoShape, WordArt object, or animated GIF (animated GIF: A file that contains a series of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images that are displayed in rapid sequence by some Web browsers to produce an animated effect.) in your publication.

  1. On the Picture toolbar, click Crop Button image.
  2. Position the Cropping tool over a cropping handle.

Cropping handles over picture

Callout 1 Cropping handle

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To crop one side, drag the center handle on that side.
    • To crop evenly on two sides at once, hold down CTRL as you drag a center handle.
    • To crop all four sides at once while maintaining the proportions of your picture, hold down CTRL+SHIFT as you drag a corner handle.
  2. On the Picture toolbar, click Crop Button image to turn off the Crop Picture command.

 Note   To crop an animated GIF, use an animated GIF editing program, and then insert the file again.

Applies to:
Publisher 2003