Create Numbered Tickets with Publisher 2000 and Excel 2000

Numbered tickets are useful for raffles and other special events. To create numbered tickets, first, use Excel to create the ticket numbers. Next, design your ticket in Publisher. Then, use Mail Merge in Publisher to merge the numbers with the tickets. This procedure can be used to number any type of document.

To create ticket numbers in Excel

  1. Open a new Excel spreadsheet.
  2. In cell A1, type Ticket Numbers.
  3. In cell A2, type the number for the first ticket.
  4. In cell A3, add 1 to the number you entered in cell A2, and type that number.
  5. Click cell A2, and then press SHIFT while clicking cell A3.
  6. Click the fill handle in the lower-right corner of the highlighted area, and drag it down the column until you reach the final number of tickets you want.
  7. On the File menu, click Save, and note where you save the file.
  8. On the File menu, click Exit.

To design your ticket in Publisher

  1. If the Catalog is open, click Exit Catalog.
  2. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
  3. Click Labels, and then choose a label with the dimensions you want for your ticket.
  4. To explore your design options, in the Quick Publication Wizard pane, click Design, Color Scheme, or Layout.
  5. Replace placeholder information with your text and graphics.
  6. On the Objects toolbar, click the Text Frame Tool, position the mouse pointer where you want the text frame to appear, and drag the mouse diagonally until the frame is the size you want.
  7. Type a sample ticket number in the new text frame, and then adjust the formatting and position of the number.
    The sample should have the same number of digits as the largest ticket number in your Excel spreadsheet.
  8. On the File menu, click Save.

To merge ticket numbers with the ticket you designed

  1. On the Publisher Mail Merge menu, click Open Data Source.
  2. Click Merge information from another type of file.
  3. In Files of Type, click Microsoft Excel (*.xls), select the Excel spreadsheet you just created, and then click OK.
  4. When asked Do you want to use the entries in the first row of your data as field names?, click Yes.
  5. In the Choose Sheet or Table dialog box, type Sheet1, and then click OK.
  6. In your label, highlight the sample ticket number.
  7. In the Insert Fields dialog box, highlight Ticket Numbers, and then click Insert.
  8. Click Close.
  9. On the Mail Merge menu, click Merge.
  10. Preview your tickets, and then click Close.
  11. On the File menu, click Save.

After previewing your tickets, you may want to adjust your formatting and design. To preview your tickets again, click Show Merge Results on the Mail Merge menu.

To print your numbered tickets

  • On the File menu, click Print Merge.
For More Information

For help using mail merge, click Microsoft Publisher Help on the Publisher Help menu, and then type mail merge in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab.