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Create catalogs or directories

Different kinds of publications that can be created using catalog merge

Because catalog merge enables you to merge multiple records to a single publication, you can quickly create multi-page publications that display one or more items per page. Use catalog merge to create catalogs, price lists, product datasheets, address directories, photo albums, and more.

In this lesson you'll learn how the catalog merge feature works and how you can use it to create catalogs and other publications.

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Display multiple records on a single page

Catalog merge makes it easy to create any kind of publication that displays one or more unique items per page because it enables you to merge multiple records from a data source into a single publication. When you set up your catalog merge, you can choose how many records you want per page. You can also control the layout and appearance of the records in your merged pages.

Merge pictures into your publications

Catalog merge also enables you to merge pictures into your publications. The ability to merge pictures into your publications gives you the flexibility to create an illustrated product catalog or a customized photo album.

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