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Six text wrapping options

You can set up different relationships between pictures and text by controlling how the text wraps around a picture. You can choose text wrapping options by clicking the Text Wrapping tool Button image on the Picture toolbar.

Callout 1 Square     Text wraps around the frame rather than around the picture itself.
Callout 2 Tight     Text wraps around the outline of the picture itself rather than around the frame.
Callout 3 Through     Text wraps around the perimeter and inside any open portions of the picture.
Callout 4 Top and Bottom     Text stops at the top of the picture's frame and continues after the bottom of the frame.
Callout 5 None     Text acts as if the picture isn't there.
Callout 6 Edit Wrap Points     Text wraps around the picture's perimeter, which you define precisely by repositioning points along it.
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