Business cards design: use clip art to make your own business cards

Applies to
Microsoft Office Publisher 2003
Microsoft Publisher 2002
Clip Art and Media site on Office Online

Business cards serve as a convenient reminder of your contact information, introduce your company, reinforce your company's image, and build and perpetuate word-of-mouth marketing. Because your business cards represent you and your company, you want them to stand out. By selecting clip art specific to your business, you can personalize your cards and give them the professionalism you wish to exemplify.

Making your own cards with clip art and business card template in Publisher is simple and economical. Let's walk through how you can add clip art to a business card template.

Step 1: Choose the predesigned publication and layout

  1. Start Publisher.
  2. In the New Publication task pane, click Publications for Print, and then click Business Cards. (If you are using Publisher 2002, click Business Cards in the New Publication task pane.)
  3. Click the design you want in the window on the right. In this example, we're using Echo Business Card.

    Publisher business card template

 Note   If your business uses a Master Design Set to create publications that project a consistent company identity, you can choose the business card from that set, so that the colors, fonts, and design of your card match the rest of your publications. For information about Master Design Sets, follow the link under See Also.

  1. In the Business Cards Options task pane, choose whether you want to include a logo and whether you want portrait or landscape orientation. (These options may be unavailable if you've chosen a preprinted specialty paper for your design.) In this example, we'll choose no logo and landscape orientation.
  2. Under Copies per sheet, click One or Multiple.

 Note    If you choose the Multiple copies option, Publisher will print 10 cards per sheet by default. The Multiple copies option is recommended if you are using scored business card sheets, such as Avery card stock.

  1. In the Publication Designs task pane, click Color Schemes and Font Schemes to choose colors and fonts that match the rest of your marketing materials.
  2. To replace placeholder text with your own text, click the placeholder text and then type. In most cases, the text is resized automatically to fit within the text box.

 Tip    If you've stored your business contact information in a personal information set, it will appear automatically. To store your contact information, click Personal Information on the Edit menu.

Step 2: Choose the right clip art

Visit the Clip Art and Media site to search for images that suit your business. Let's say you want to promote your real estate business, so you type "real estate" in the Search box, then click the Search button.

Clip Art and Media search for "real estate"

When you've found the clip you want to use, copy and paste the clip into the business card template.

Step 3: Copy and paste clip art from the Web into your document

  1. On the Clip Art and Media search results page, click on Copy to Clipboard for the clip you want to copy.
  2. Go to your Publisher business card template. On the Edit menu, click Paste.

Publisher busines card template

The clip is now in the template, but it needs to be resized and positioned. At this point, you can customize the clip to suit your business needs. For example, you can experiment with changing the color of the clip. On the Format menu, click the Picture button. On the Picture tab, click the Recolor button. Use the Color dropdown menu to change the color of your clip art. Also experiment with Brightness and Contrast to get the look you want.

Recolor a clip

You can also rotate the clip.

Rotate a clip

To learn how to rotate clip art, see the related links section of this article. You can also add boxes of color to the background to enhance the clip art you selected.

Clip art on a Publisher business card template

There are many possibilities in customizing your clip art and the overall look of your business card, so have fun with it.

Applies to:
Publisher 2003