Add Phone Tear-Offs to a Flyer in Publisher 2000

A phone tear-off is information on a flyer that you intend readers to remove. Tear-offs usually list contact information, such as a name and telephone number or electronic mail address.

Some flyers in Publisher 2000 include phone tear-offs, such as the For Sale Flyer or the Pets Available Flyer. You can also add phone tear-offs from the Publisher Design Gallery to any flyer in the Catalog or to one you create from scratch.

To add phone tear-offs from the Design Gallery

  1. In the flyer, click Design Gallery Object on the Insert menu.
  2. Click the Objects by Category tab, and then click Phone Tear-Off.
  3. Click Insert Object.
  4. Move the phone tear-offs to the bottom of the flyer so that the lower edge rests on the bottom margin.
  5. Resize your phone tear-offs to fit the width of the flyer, minus the area that does not print, by dragging the left or right selection handles.
    The phone tear-offs multiply and resize to fit.
  6. Type your contact information over the placeholder text in one of the phone tear-offs.
  7. Click another phone tear-off.
    Each phone tear-off updates automatically with your contact information.
For More Information

For help adding objects from the Design Gallery, click Microsoft Publisher Help on the Help menu, and then type design gallery in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab.