Add a Scrolling Marquee to a Publisher 2000 Web Page

A scrolling marquee is text that moves across a Web page. You can add a scrolling marquee to your Publisher Web page as an HTML code fragment. An HTML code fragment is your own HTML code that you use to add features to your Web page that are not available in Publisher, such as a script, a Web counter, or a scrolling marquee.

To add scrolling text to a Publisher Web page

  1. Open your Publisher Web page in Publisher.
  2. On the Insert menu, click HTML Code Fragment.
  3. Click the place on your Web page where you want the scrolling marquee to appear.
  4. In the HTML Code Fragment dialog box, delete the sample text and characters in the text box.
  5. Type <Marquee>, your message, and then </Marquee>.
  6. Click OK.

Your code fragment appears as text in the HTML Code Fragment frame. The scrolling marquee is not animated until you save your publication as a Web page, and view it in Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0 or later. You can change the width of the scrolling area by widening the frame. You can also customize attributes of your scrolling marquee, such as the direction, speed, and number of times the text is repeated. Refer to an HTML resource for more information on how to customize attributes.

To view your Publisher Web page in Internet Explorer

  1. On the File menu, click Save if you haven't already saved your publication.
  2. On the File menu, click Save as Web Page.
  3. Click the folder where you want to publish your Web site.
    Switch to the drive and folder where you want to publish your Web site.
  4. Click OK.
    If you previously saved a Web page to the selected folder, this file may overwrite the existing one.
  5. Open Internet Explorer version 3.0 or later.
  6. On the File menu, click Open.
  7. Click Browse, switch to the folder you saved the Web page in, and double-click Index.html.
    Your file was saved automatically as Index.html. If you changed your page's file name or file name extension in the Web Properties dialog box (File menu), the file name may be different.
  8. Click OK.
For more information

Publisher 2000 includes information on using HTML code fragments and publishing your Web pages. On the Help menu, click Microsoft Publisher Help, and then type HTML code fragments or Save as Web page in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab.