About Microsoft Publisher font embedding for commercial printing

Microsoft Office Publisher embeds TrueType (TrueType font: A scaleable font that displays and prints smoothly at any point size. TrueType fonts are directly supported by the Windows operating system and can be embedded in publications.) fonts that have licenses that allow embedding (font embedding: To insert a font into the publication. Once the font is embedded, the information becomes part of the publication.).

By default, fonts are automatically embedded when a publication creator uses the Pack and Go Wizard to save files in Publisher format to give to a printing service.

In process- and spot-color publications in which text is trapped, Publisher automatically turns off printer font substitution for printer fonts. The user may choose not to embed one or more fonts, or choose to turn off font embedding altogether.

Publisher embeds only TrueType fonts. All the TrueType fonts that are included in Publisher provide full embedding rights.

The Publisher font report When you open a publication that contains embedded fonts, the Publisher Load Fonts dialog box lists embedded fonts, fonts with license restrictions, and missing fonts. It also identifies duplicate font names installed on the Windows operating system, and any subsetted (font subsetting: Embedding a limited number of characters specific to one font, reducing file size.) fonts. You can print a font report for the publication.

You can install all or some of the embedded fonts that are listed. The fonts you load are installed for use with the current publication only; they cannot be used with other publications or programs. When you close the publication, Publisher removes the fonts from your computer.

If you open a publication that has preview-only embedded fonts, you can make changes to the publication, but you can't save the publication with the changes. In this case, you can work with the customer to get the missing font or substitute another font.

Font compression and subsetting Publisher does not provide font compression, but it does allow font subsetting if the publication creator turned on font subsetting. When subsetting is turned on, only those characters used in the publication are embedded.

Applies to:
Publisher 2007, Publisher 2003