Updating Task Status

In order for a project manager to track the status of the projects that they are managing and report status information within their organization, resources must update the status of their tasks. Project Server 2003 helps to automate the status reporting process by providing a mechanism for the exchange of task update information between resources and project managers. The reporting method used to update status information can be set globally by the Project Server administrator or individually within each project by the project manager.

You can send task updates to your project manager in response to a task update request or any time that you want to change the status of your tasks in a project. If you are unable to enter a specific value in the field, your project manager might have restricted the information that can be entered in that field. For example, a project manager might specify a maximum number of hours that can be entered for work per day.

The fields that are available for task updates are based on the tracking method that a project manager is using. You might enter task status information in the following fields when using the following tracking methods:

  • % Work Complete and Remaining Work fields     Enter the percentage of work completed against a task and any adjustment needed to the amount of work remaining.
  • Total Actual Work and Remaining Work fields     Enter the total and remaining work for a task.
  • Actual Work done per day/per week and Remaining Work fields    Enter the specific hours per day or hours per week completed against a task and any adjustment needed to the amount of work remaining.

To update task status

  1. On the Tasks page in Project Web Access, in the side pane, click View my tasks. (This is also first page presented in the Tasks Center when a user accesses it.)
  2. In your timesheet, click the field that you want to update and type the new information.
  3. After you enter your updates, do one of the following:
    • To submit an updated copy of all of your timesheet changes to your project manager, click Update All.

Update All button

  • To send an update of only the tasks you just edited, select the tasks, and then click Update Selected Rows.

Update Selected Rows button

Note The functionality associated with the Save Changes button (click to save changes, but not submit updates to your project manager) is the default behavior of this page whether or not the Save Changes button is actually clicked.

  1. You must click the left-hand side of the Project Web Access grid display, within the table itself, in order to select a row. To select adjacent tasks, hold down SHIFT, and then click the first and last tasks that you want to select. To select non-adjacent tasks, hold down CTRL, and then click the tasks you want.
  2.  Note   Task updates are not sent until either the Update All or Update Selected Rows buttons are clicked. You can report task updates for more than one task, and then send them all at the same time.

After you submit an update to your project manager, an indicator appears next to the tasks to indicate that changes are pending project manager approval. When you click Update All or Update Selected Rows, an e-mail notification is automatically sent to your project manager (if e-mail notifications are configured).

Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003