Overview: View a SharePoint task list in Project Web App

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When you begin planning a project, you may not need or want the full functionality of enterprise projects offered by Project Web App. Instead, your project may only require simple planning tools. If that is the case, you may determine that it is better suited as a task list on a SharePoint site. However, your simple, “lightweight” task list in SharePoint may involve many of the same people that work on the more complex projects that you plan in Project Web App. If that is the case, you might want the SharePoint task list to be included in organization-wide reports, or in resource availability models, within Project Web App.

In Project Web App, these SharePoint task lists can be included in the Project Center, in a primarily read-only state. This enables you to include tasks tracked in SharePoint in reports generated through Project Web App. It also enables you to take SharePoint tasks into consideration when you review a resource’s workload.

The following articles describe how to configure, view, and work with SharePoint task lists in Project Web App:

Applies to:
Project Online operated by 21Vianet, Project Web App for Project Online, Project Web App for Project Server 2013, Project Web App for Project Server operated by 21Vianet