Add a task to your task status

Resources (resources: The people, equipment, and material that are used to complete tasks in a project.) can add tasks (task: An activity that has a beginning and an end. Project plans are made up of tasks.) to the Task Center page and then submit them for approval. After the submitted task is approved, the new task is added to the selected project plan (plan: A schedule of task start and finish dates and resource and cost data. A baseline plan is the original plan that you save and use to monitor progress. An interim plan is a set of dates you save during the project to compare to other interim plans.). When adding or assigning yourself to a task, you must be a team member on that project. You can also submit progress updates before the new task or task assignment is approved, but you cannot delete or reassign the task until it has been approved.

 Note   You can also add new tasks directly to your timesheet (timesheet: In Project Web Access, the timesheet is a page where resources can record their progress on tasks and send updates to the project manager.) when you add them to the Task Center page.

If the project has not been published, or you aren't sure where in a project to add your new task, contact your manager or administrator.

  1. On the Quick Launch, under My Work, click Task Center.
  2. Click New, and then click Task.
  3. In the Task Location section, select the project and summary task (if applicable) where you are adding the new task from the In the project and Under the summary task lists. If you are assigning yourself to an existing task, select the appropriate location.

 Note   If the In the project and Under the summary task lists do not include the project or summary task that you need, or if you are unsure which project or summary task to select, contact your manager or administrator.

  1. In the Name section, click New Task, and then type the name of the task that you are creating in the corresponding box. If you are assigning yourself to an existing task, click Existing Task, and then select the task from the corresponding list.
  2. In the Task Dates section, enter the start and end dates of the task you are adding.
  3. In the Timesheet section, select the Add Task to Timesheet check box to add the task to your timesheet.

If the timesheet has not yet been created, selecting this check box will add the task to the timesheet when you create it.

 Note   Your new task does not need to be approved by your project manager before you can begin to report actuals (actual: Information that shows what has actually occurred. For example, the actual start date for a task is the day that the task actually started.) against the task in your timesheet.

  1. In the Comments section, type any additional comments about the task in the box.
  2. Click Submit to add the task to the Task Center page and notify your project manager of your request for a new task or task assignment.

ShowWhy can't I perform some actions in Microsoft Office Project Web Access?

Depending on the permissions settings you used to log on to Project Web Access, you may not be able to see or use certain features. Also, what you see on some pages may differ from what is documented if your server administrator customized Project Web Access and did not customize the Help to match.

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Applies to:
Project Server 2007