Workflow Phase Name (project field)

The Workflow Phase Name field specifies the current workflow (A workflow represents the structured governance process for projects to proceed through lifecycle phases. An organization's project workflow can be modeled and controlled through the demand management features in Project Web Access.) phase for a selected project. A phase represents a collection of stages grouped together to identify a common set of activities in the project life cycle. Typical workflow phases are Create, Select, Plan, and Manage, although these phase names may be customized. This field is a component of the Project Server workflow framework.

Data Type    Enumerated (enumerated field: A type of field whose content is selected from a list of predefined choices. For example, in the Accrue At field you can select the way resource costs are accrued from a list that includes Start, Prorated, and End.)

Entry Type    Entered (entered field: A field in which you may type or edit information. This is in contrast with a calculated field, in which Project calculates and enters information.)

Best Uses    Add the Workflow Phase Name field to a project page when you want to see where a project is in its life cycle.

Example    You manage a portfolio of projects, and you want to see the life cycle phases for all your projects so that you can better analyze and plan for future projects. You add the Workflow Phase Name field to the Project Center.

Remarks    You can view or specify workflow components in Project Server by looking at the server settings in Project Web App

Applies to:
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Project Web App for Project Server 2013, Project 2010, Project Server 2010, Project Server 2003