Summary Progress (task field)

Data Type    Date (date field: A type of field whose content is a date. Examples include the Baseline Start and Early Finish fields.)

Entry Type    Calculated or entered (calculated or entered field: A field in which the value is determined by Project based on information in other fields. Information that you enter in the field yourself overrides calculated values.)

Description    The Summary Progress field shows the progress on a summary task, based on the progress of its subtasks and where these subtasks have been scheduled. This field is available only in the Bar Styles dialog box and is represented as a bar on the Gantt Chart view.

How Calculated    When you use the Summary Progress field as a bar on the Gantt Chart view, Project draws a graphic representation based on the rolled up subtasks' completion percentage value. Therefore, on the Gantt Chart, the bar indicates the date through which the summary task is complete.

Best Uses    Add the Summary Progress field to a Gantt bar when you want to indicate graphically on the Gantt Chart view the rolled up progress on the summary task. The Summary Progress field provides a more accurate indication of progress on summary tasks than the % Complete field. This is because the Summary Progress field considers when the subtasks are scheduled.

Example    You want to view graphically the progress of certain categories of tasks on your project. On the Gantt Chart view, you add the Summary Progress Gantt bar to show the rolled up progress of all subtasks on the summary task.

Remarks    You can set the Summary Progress bar on the Gantt Chart view from the Bar Styles dialog box.

Applies to:
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Project 2010, Project 2007, Project 2003