Set a deadline date for a task

You can set a deadline (deadline: A target date indicating when you want a task to be completed. If the deadline date passes and the task is not completed, Project displays an indicator.) date for a task (task: An activity that has a beginning and an end. Project plans are made up of tasks.) to keep track of its finish date without locking the schedule (schedule: The timing and sequence of tasks within a project. A schedule consists mainly of tasks, task dependencies, durations, constraints, and time-oriented project information.) with an inflexible constraint (inflexible constraint: A constraint that is inflexible because it ties a task to a date. The inflexible constraints are Must Finish On and Must Start On.). Microsoft Office Project 2003 updates the schedule as needed, keeps track of deadline dates, and shows an Missed deadline indicator in the indicator column if a task finishes after its deadline.

  1. On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.
  2. In the Task Name field, click the task for which you want to set a deadline.
  3. Click Task Information Button image, and then click the Advanced tab.
  4. Under Constrain task, type or select the deadline date in the Deadline box.

To remove a deadline, clear the Deadline box.

A green arrow deadline arrow appears next to the bar for the task in the Gantt view. Microsoft Project will not notify you if a deadline date is passed.

 Note   When a task slips past its deadline date, Project calculates negative slack for that task. For example, if a task starts a day later than it was scheduled to start, it displays a total slack of -1d.

Applies to:
Project 2003