Resource Type (assignment field)

Data Type     Enumerated (enumerated field: A type of field whose content is selected from a list of predefined choices. For example, in the Accrue At field you can select the way resource costs are accrued from a list that includes Start, Prorated, and End.)

Entry Type     Calculated (calculated field: A field in which the value is determined by Project based on information in other fields. Project may recalculate the value automatically or when you specify, depending on your choice of calculation settings.)

Description     The Resource Type field indicates whether the resource for this assignment is a work or material resource. Work resources (work resource: People and equipment resources that perform work to accomplish a task. Work resources consume time [hours or days] to accomplish tasks.) are people and equipment. Material resources (material resource: The supplies or other consumable items that are used to complete tasks in a project.) are consumable supplies, such as steel, concrete, or soil.

Best Uses     Add the Resource Type field to the Resource Usage view when you want to view the types of resources on assignments. Also use the Resource Type field when sorting, filtering, or grouping assignments by their resource types. This field can be particularly useful when you want to review all material resources together in the context of assignments, so you can adjust assignment units (assignment units: The percentage of a work resource's time, or units, that the resource is assigned to a task.), for example.

Example     You need to adjust work for your work resources to balance the workload from overallocated (overallocation: The result of assigning more tasks to a resource than the resource can accomplish in the working time available.) resources to underallocated (underallocation: Assigning a resource to work fewer hours than the resource has available.) ones. You also want to review the quantities you have set for material resources, so you can schedule supplier delivery. In the Resource Usage view, group the assignments by their resource type. All the material resources are grouped together, followed by the work resources.

Remarks     You can set the resource type in the Resource Information dialog box. This field is also available by default, as Type, on the Entry table in the Resource Sheet view. Work is the default resource type.

In the Resource Usage view, this field is simply called Type.

Applies to:
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Project 2010, Project 2007, Project 2003