Resource Names (task field)

Data Type    Text List (text list field: A type of field whose content is a list of text items separated by the list separator character, typically a comma. Examples include the Resource Group and Resource Names fields.)

Entry Type    Entered (entered field: A field in which you may type or edit information. This is in contrast with a calculated field, in which Project calculates and enters information.)

Description    The Resource Names field lists the names of all resources assigned to a task. If the length of the list exceeds 256 characters, the list is truncated and ellipses are displayed. You can view a full list of resources assigned to a task in the Task Form or Task Usage view.

Best Uses    Add the Resource Names field to a task sheet when you want to display, filter, or edit the names of resources assigned to tasks. Enter any text in the Resource Names field to represent and identify the names of the assigned resources.

Example    You want to assign tasks to resources in the Task Sheet view. You enter the names of all resources you want to assign to the tasks, and separate each name with the list separator character (list-separator character: A character, usually a comma or semicolon, that separates elements in a list.), which is typically a comma.

Remarks    In a sheet view, each resource is represented by its name, followed by the number of units of the resource used by the task. The number of units is shown in brackets ([ ]). If the number of units is 100 percent, only the resource name is shown. For example, "Plumber, Electrician[300%]" indicates that one plumber and three electricians are assigned.

Applies to:
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Project 2010, Project 2007, Project 2003