Resource ID (assignment field)

Data Type    Integer (integer field: A type of field whose content is a whole number. Examples include the ID and Unique ID fields.)

Entry Type    Calculated (calculated field: A field in which the value is determined by Project based on information in other fields. Project may recalculate the value automatically or when you specify, depending on your choice of calculation settings.)

Description    The Resource ID field contains the identifier number that Project assigns to each resource. The Resource ID indicates the position of the resource in relation to other resources.

How Calculated    As you add resources, Project automatically assigns the next number in the sequence of resources as listed. This becomes the Resource ID.

Best Uses    The only view that the Resource ID field appears in is the Task Form. It also appears in the Assignment Mapping dialog box, which you can use when importing (importing: Transferring data into Project from a source program, such as Excel. When you import data, you choose a map that defines how the data in the source program should be mapped to information in Project.) or exporting (exporting: Transferring data from Project to another program, such as Excel. When you export data, you choose or create a map that specifies the relationship between the fields in Project and the columns in the ouptut file.) assignment dates.

Example    You want to export assignment dates to a Microsoft Excel workbook. You use the Save As command to export your assignments as an Excel workbook, following the instructions in the Export Wizard.

Remarks    To export the Resource ID field to another program, in the Save As dialog box select the name of the file format to which you are exporting (for example, Access Database or Excel Workbook). Then follow the instructions in the Export Wizard.

Applies to:
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Project 2010, Project 2007, Project 2003