Project Departments (project field)

The Project Departments field contains the name of the department with which the selected project is associated, as selected in the Departments lookup table, which comes with Microsoft Project Server and can be modified to reflect an organization’s specific department names.

Data Type    Enumerated (enumerated field: A type of field whose content is selected from a list of predefined choices. For example, in the Accrue At field you can select the way resource costs are accrued from a list that includes Start, Prorated, and End.)

Entry Type    Entered (entered field: A field in which you may type or edit information. This is in contrast with a calculated field, in which Project calculates and enters information.)

Best Uses    Add the Project Departments field to a project page or report when you want to identify the department associated with a selected proposal or project.

Example    You are the portfolio manager for a multidisciplinary organization. You add the Project Departments field to the Project Center. In the lookup table that appears, individual project managers can choose the departments to which their projects belong.

Remarks    The Project Departments field can affect which custom fields are required for a project. If a custom project-level field is associated with a department, that custom field will only be required for projects associated with that department. In addition, if a custom project-level field is not associated with any departments, that custom field will always be required for projects.

This field is an example of a custom enumerated field provided with Microsoft Project Server. You can view a list of available custom fields, and also create your own. In the left pane of Microsoft Project Web Access, click Server Settings. Under Enterprise Data, click Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables.

Applies to:
Project 2010, Project Server 2010