My task's total costs are incorrect


After entering cost rates and fixed costs (fixed cost: A set cost for a task that remains constant regardless of the task duration or the work performed by a resource.) for resources, the total costs (total cost: The calculated cost of a project, task, resource, or assignment over the life of the project.) appear to be incorrect.


The expected amount of a task's total cost may seem to differ from the calculated sum of its rate-based (rate-based cost: Costs that are based on a rate that you enter in the Costs tab of the Resource Information dialog box.) costs, per-use (per-use cost: A set fee for the use of a resource that can be in place of, or in addition to, a variable. For work resources, a per-use cost accrues each time that the resource is used. For material resources, a per-use cost is accrued only once.) costs, and fixed costs. Total costs are the sum of rate-based costs, per-use costs, and fixed costs.

Note that costs are calculated only after resources are assigned to tasks.


Applies to:
Project 2007