Level resource assignments

When people in your project are working on too many assignments at the same time, you can level the assignments automatically. Project will adjust assignments to a more realistic timeline. Go to Resource > Level All.

For more control over leveling, you can level selected assignments or specific individuals.

  • Select the tasks with overallocated resources, and click Resource > Level Selection. Check the Indicator column to see which tasks have overallocated resources.
    Level resources command
  • To level the workload for a specific individual and not everyone, click Level Resource.

This image shows before and after effects of leveling.

Before and after leveling

Some tips you can use while leveling

Tip What you can do

Remove leveling each time you level

Every time you level a project, the previous effects of leveling are cleared. To change this, Click Resource > Leveling Options.

See which tasks got leveled

To see the changes made to tasks by leveling, use the Leveling Gantt view. Click Views > Other Views > More Views.

Control which tasks get leveled

You may want some tasks to not move at all when other tasks are leveled, such as tasks with critical end dates. To prevent tasks from moving, set task priorities for resource leveling.

Level within a specific time period

Click Resource > Leveling Options, and then enter a From and To date.

Don’t level manually scheduled tasks

Usually, all task types are leveled. To change this, Click Resource > Leveling Options.

Level without changing the end date of the project

Click Resource > Leveling Options, and then select the Level only within available slack box.

 Note   If you select this check box, you may get an error message about Project unable to level the entire project. There may not be enough slack (total slack: The amount of time that the finish date of a task can be delayed without delaying the finish date of the project.) in your schedule to move assignments without changing the end date of the project.

Manually resolve overallocations

If you don’t want to level, you can try other ways to remove overallocations.

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Applies to:
Project Professional 2013