It takes too long to print my project


Printing your project takes longer than you want it to.


The amount of time it takes for a project to print depends on two basic factors: the speed of the printer and the size (and complexity) of your project. Printer speed is not solely a factor of how many pages a printer prints per minute. The number of people using the printer (if it is on a network), the amount of RAM in the printer and your computer, and the network settings for the printer all factor into printer speed.

Large and complex projects take longer to print. Even a small project can take a long time to print if you insert graphics into the workspace (workspace: Files and settings you can save and reopen by opening a single workspace file. Workspace files have the .mpw extension. When you create a workspace file, Project creates lists of the current settings, open projects, views, and so on.), header (header: Text that appears at the top of a printed page. A header typically contains information such as the project or company name and the project start and finish dates.), or footer (footer: Text that appears at the bottom of a printed page. A footer typically contains information such as page number, total page count, and date.).

Applies to:
Project 2007