Goal: Track resource progress

Applies to
Microsoft Office Project 2003
Microsoft Office Project Server 2003
Microsoft Project 2000 and 2002

The most effective way to gauge the progress of resources' work on a project is to balance their workloads and track progress on tasks. You can manage the tracking process with e-mail workgroup messages (workgroup messages: Messages that the workgroup manager and workgroup members send through Project Server or e-mail about the tasks of a project.), on an intranet (intranet: Any network that provides similar services within an organization to those provided by the Internet. An organization's intranet may or may not be connected to the Internet; its information might be distributed only within the company.) or the Internet (Internet: A worldwide network of thousands of smaller computer networks and millions of commercial, educational, government, and personal computers. Also known as the World Wide Web [WWW].), or by gathering information from resources in person and manually entering actual data. Depending on the level of detail that you need to manage effectively, you can update the schedule as a whole at specific dates, as tasks are completed, or as tasks progress.

 Tip   This article is part of a series of articles that describe a broad set of project management activities. We call these activities "goals" because they are organized around the project management life cycle: Build a plan, track and manage a project, and close a project. The project life cycle is outlined in The Project Map, where you can find a link to an article about each project management goal. Most of the articles include links to supporting information or procedures that you perform in Project or Project Server. These "goal" articles were designed to help you not only use Project but also better understand project management.

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Sailing ship

number 1 Use Project Server to record costs     If you are using Project Server, your team members provide task information in response to your status requests in Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003. You can easily incorporate that task status information directly into the project plan.

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Number 2 Record progress manually     If you and your team members are not connected to Project Server or an e-mail system, or you simply want to update the project file yourself to see the impact of a task update on the schedule, you have a number of options.

ShowTrack task durations and costs

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ShowTrack work at the task level

ShowTrack work at the assignment level

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