Goal: Record progress and respond to updates

Applies to
Microsoft Office Project 2003
Microsoft Office Project Server 2003
Microsoft Project 2000 and 2002

After you've chosen the items you want to track and the tracking method, you can begin tracking those items. For the most part, you track progress by exchanging task status information with team members and then incorporating the most up-to-date status information into your project plan.

 Tip   This article is part of a series of articles that describe a broad set of project management activities. We call these activities "goals" because they are organized around the project management life cycle: Build a plan, track and manage a project, and close a project. The project life cycle is outlined in The Project Map, where you can find a link to an article about each project management goal. Most of the articles include links to supporting information or procedures that you perform in Project or Project Server. These "goal" articles were designed to help you not only use Project but also better understand project management.

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number 1  Record progress    At this point in the schedule you need to enter progress or some other change in task status in the project plan and communicate that change to team members.

 Note   If you assign resources to tasks you can track task durations and start and finish dates, as well as costs and work at both the task and assignment levels. If you don't assign resources to task, you cannot track work at the assignment level, and you must record progress manually.

ShowRecord progress if resources are not assigned to tasks

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ShowRecord progress if resources are assigned to tasks

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Number 2  Respond to uncompleted, new, or changed work    You need to make sure that your team accomplishes all planned work and that you can flexibly respond to any unplanned changes in work.

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Number 3  Update original estimates    If you find that actual project progress is so different from the baseline estimates as to make comparison between the two meaningless, you need to update the original estimates.

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