Format report text

You can format report (report: A format in which you can print schedule information that is appropriate for the intended recipients. You can use the predefined reports provided by Project or create custom reports.) text to highlight important information. For example, you can print milestone (milestone: A reference point marking a major event in a project and used to monitor the project's progress. Any task with zero duration is automatically displayed as a milestone; you can also mark any other task of any duration as a milestone.) tasks or overallocated resources (resources: The people, equipment, and material that are used to complete tasks in a project.) as bold text.

  1. On the View menu, click Reports.
  2. Click the report type you want, and then click Select.

If you chose Custom as the report type, click a report in the Reports list, click Edit, and then go to step 5.

  1. Click the report you want to format, and then click Edit.

If you clicked Project Summary or Working Days, go to step 5.

  1. Click Text.
  2. In the Item to Change box, click the item (category of text) you want to format.
  3. Select the font, font style, size, and color you want.
  4. To underline the item, select the Underline check box.
  5. Click OK twice, and then click Select to review the report.
Applies to:
Project 2003