Define project objectives

Clear project objectives (objective: The quantifiable criteria that must be met for the project to be considered successful. Objectives must include, at least, cost, schedule, and quality measures. Unquantified objectives increase the risk that the project won't meet them.) are crucial because your project's success will be determined by how closely you meet them. A clear project objective is both specific and measurable. Avoid vague objectives such as "Create state-of-the-art deliverables." A project's objectives may include:

For objectives to be effective, it is important that all project stakeholders (stakeholders: Individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the project or whose interests may be affected by the project.) officially agree to them. Often the project manager creates an objectives document that becomes a permanent part of the project. After creating an objectives document in a program other than Microsoft Project, you can attach it to your project file for easy access. Learn how to add a document to your project file.

 Note   You can also place project-level information in the Comments box of the Properties dialog box. Learn how to add project information to your project file's properties.