Create a Visio WBS chart

If you have Microsoft Visio 2000 or later installed on your computer, you can use the Visio WBS Chart Wizard to display project information in a Visio work breakdown structure (WBS) (WBS: A hierarchical structure that is used to organize tasks for reporting schedules and tracking costs. With Project, you can represent the work breakdown structure by using task IDs or by assigning your own WBS code to each task.) chart.

  1. On the Analysis toolbar, click Visio WBS Chart Wizard.

If the toolbar is not displayed, on the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Analysis.

  1. To create a chart for a specific task selection, click Apply Task Selection View.

To create a chart for all tasks or tasks based on an outline level, click Launch Wizard, and continue with step 5.

  1. In the Visio WBS Chart Task Selection view, select the tasks you want to include in the chart.

To select a task, click Yes in the Include in WBS Chart field of that task.

  1. On the Visio WBS Chart toolbar, click Visio WBS Chart Wizard, and then click Launch Wizard.
  2. Follow the instructions to create the Visio WBS Chart.
Applies to:
Project 2003