Create a task on the Network Diagram (PERT Chart)

The Network Diagram view in Microsoft Office Project 2003 shows the dependencies between tasks in a graphical manner. A box (also called a node) represents each task, and a line connecting two boxes represents the dependency between two tasks. You can create new tasks quickly in a visual format using the Network Diagram. You can type the name and duration for each task as you create it, or you can add this information to all the tasks later.

  1. On the View menu, click Network Diagram.
  2. Select the task box before the place in the diagram where you want to insert a new task.
  3. On the Insert menu, click New Task.
  4. In the new task box, click the top field (the Task Name field), and then type the task name.
  5. Click each field that you want to enter information in, and then type the information that is appropriate to each field.


  • When you add or delete a task, Project automatically renumbers the task ID numbers.
  • The Network Diagram was called the PERT Chart in earlier versions of Project. If you want to review tasks as a flowchart, use the Network Diagram view. If you want to estimate optimistic, pessimistic, and expected task durations, use the PERT analysis features in Project.
Applies to:
Project 2003