Compliance Proposal (project field)

The Compliance Proposal field indicates whether the current proposal is for a project that helps meet a compliance goal, that is, whether the project is required by law, regulation, or other requirements.

Data Type    Yes/No (Yes/No field: A type of field with content set to either Yes or No; also known as a Boolean field or a True/False field. For example, the Recurring field indicates whether the task is a recurring task.)

Entry Type    Entered (entered field: A field in which you may type or edit information. This is in contrast with a calculated field, in which Project calculates and enters information.)

Best Uses    Add the Compliance Proposal field to a proposal when you want to indicate whether the project is necessary for legal or regulatory compliance. This provides useful information for the Portfolio Analysis process.

Example    You are proposing a project to implement a SOX auditing mechanism. You add the Compliance Proposal field to the proposal and change the field to Yes, because SOX compliance is required by your industry.

Remarks     This field is an example of a custom Yes/No field provided with Microsoft Project Server. You can view a list of available custom fields, and also create your own, in Project Web App.

Applies to:
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Project Web App for Project Server 2013, Project 2010, Project Server 2010