Columns don't print right


You are unable to print a column that you want to print.


By default, Microsoft Office Project 2007 only prints the columns that are displayed on the screen on the first page of a printed sheet view (sheet: A spreadsheet-like representation [in rows and columns] of task or resource information. Each row specifies an individual task or resource. Each column [field] specifies a type of information, such as start dates or standard rates.) (or the first page of each row for multiple-page views (view: The combination of one or more views [Gantt Chart, Resource Sheet, and so on] and if applicable, a table and a filter. Use views to work with information in a variety of formats. There are three types of views: Charts or graphs, Sheets, and Forms.)).


To include additional columns, you need to specify the number of columns you want to print on each page or choose to print all columns on the first page, even if only a few are displayed on the screen.

If you want to print columns on subsequent pages, you must specify that you want them printed and specify the number of columns you want printed.

If you don't specify the number of columns, three columns are printed on the subsequent pages. You can specify up to 116 columns.

Applies to:
Project 2007