Assignment fields overview

The following are the assignment fields (field: A location in a sheet, form, or chart that contains a specific kind of information about a task, resource, or assignment. For example, in a sheet, each column is a field. In a form, a field is a named box or a place in a column.) in Microsoft Office Project. For more information, click a field name.

Actual Cost fields
Actual Finish fields
Actual Overtime Cost fields
Actual Overtime Work fields
Actual Start fields
Actual Work fields
ACWP fields
Assignment fields
Assignment Delay fields
Assignment Units fields
Baseline Cost fields
Baseline Finish fields
Baseline Start fields
Baseline Work fields
Baseline1-10 Cost fields
Baseline1-10 Finish fields
Baseline1-10 Start fields
Baseline1-10 Work fields
BCWP fields
BCWS fields
Confirmed fields
Cost fields
Cost Rate Table fields
Cost Variance fields
Cost1-10 fields
Critical fields
CV fields
Date1-10 fields
Duration1-10 fields
Enterprise Cost1-10 fields
Enterprise Date1-30 fields
Enterprise Duration1-10 fields
Enterprise Flag1-20 fields
Enterprise Number1-40 fields
Enterprise Resource Outline Code1-29 fields
Enterprise Text1-40 fields
Finish (assignment field)
Finish Variance fields
Finish1-10 fields
Flag1-20 fields
Hyperlink fields
Hyperlink Address fields
Hyperlink Href fields
Hyperlink SubAddress fields
Indicators fields
Leveling Delay fields
Linked Fields fields
Notes fields
Number1-20 fields
Outline Level fields
Overallocated fields
Overtime Cost fields
Overtime Work fields
Peak fields
Percent (%) Work Complete fields
Priority fields
Project fields
RBS fields
Regular Work fields
Remaining Cost fields
Remaining Overtime Cost fields
Remaining Overtime Work fields
Remaining Work fields
Request/Demand (assignment field)
Resource Group fields
Resource ID (assignment field)
Resource Initials fields
Resource Name (assignment field)
Resource Type (assignment field)
Response Pending fields
Start fields
Start Variance fields
Start1-10 fields
SV fields
Task ID (assignment field)
Task Name (assignment field)
Task Outline Number (assignment field)
Task Summary Name fields
TeamStatus Pending fields
Text1-30 fields
Unique ID fields
Update Needed fields
VAC fields
WBS fields
Work fields
Work Contour fields
Work Variance fields
Applies to:
Project 2007, Project 2003