Assign a base calendar to a resource

After establishing a base calendar (base calendar: A calendar that can be used as a project and task calendar that specifies default working and nonworking time for a set of resources. Differs from a resource calendar, which specifies working and nonworking time for an individual resource.) for a specialized schedule (other than the Standard project calendar), you can base a resource's working times on this calendar.

  1. On the View menu, click Resource Sheet.
  2. In the Resource Name field, select the resource you want to assign a calendar to.
  3. Click Resource Information Button image, and then click the Working Time tab.
  4. In the Base calendar box, click the calendar you want to assign to the resource.

For example, if the selected resource works the night shift, click Night Shift to assign this as the resource's base calendar.

By default, the Standard calendar is the project calendar. The project calendar is applied to all resources as you add them. You can either assign a different base calendar to the resource, or you can modify the individual resource calendar.

Applies to:
Project 2003