Accrue At (resource field)

Data Type     Enumerated (enumerated field: A type of field whose content is selected from a list of predefined choices. For example, in the Accrue At field you can select the way resource costs are accrued from a list that includes Start, Prorated, and End.)

Entry Type     Entered (entered field: A field in which you may type or edit information. This is in contrast with a calculated field, in which Project calculates and enters information.)

Description     The Accrue At field provides choices for how and when resource standard and overtime costs are to be charged, or accrued (accrual method: Determines when the cost for a resource is incurred and when actual costs are charged to a project. You can incur costs at the start [Start] or finish [End] of a task or prorate them [Prorated] during the task.), to the cost of a task. The options are:

  • Start
  • End
  • Prorated (default)

Best Uses     Add the Accrue At field to a resource view when you want to view, filter, or edit how and when resource costs are to be accrued to the cost of a task. If you select the Start option, costs are accrued as soon as a task starts, as indicated by a date entered in the Actual Start field. If you select the End option, costs are not accrued until remaining work is zero. If you select the Prorated option, the costs accrue as work is scheduled to occur and as actual work is reported, and are calculated by multiplying unit costs by work.

Example     One of the resources on the project is a consultant whose hourly fees are paid upon completion of assigned tasks. In the Accrue At field in the Resource Sheet view, select the End option. As each of the consultant's assigned tasks is marked complete, the consultant's fees are charged to the task.

Remarks     The Accrue At field is available by default on the Resource Sheet. You can also set cost accrual in the Resource Information dialog box on the Costs tab. Regardless of the setting in the Accrue At field, any per-use costs for a resource are always accrued at the start of a task.

Applies to:
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Project 2010, Project 2007, Project 2003