About the Project Multilingual User Interface Pack

If you have the Microsoft Office Project 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI Pack), you can switch the language of the user interface, the Project Guide, templates (template: A Project file format [*.mpt] that lets you reuse existing schedules as the starting point for creating new schedules. Task and resource information, formatting, macros, and project-specific settings can all become part of a template.), wizards, and Help in Project. For example, your multinational organization might have standardized on an English user interface to simplify internal training and troubleshooting. But if you prefer to read Help in your native language of German, you can specify that Project display Help in German.

You can also install a MUI Pack for Project Server, which updates the user interface for Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003. The MUI Pack for Project Server is free, but can only be installed on a computer that already has Project Server installed.


  • The Project MUI Pack is on its own CD and has its own installer. The Project MUI Pack only changes the Project user interface and Help. If you already have the Microsoft Office 2003 MUI Pack, you still must install the Project MUI Pack. To obtain either MUI Pack, see your system administrator.
  • For more information about working with the Project MUI Pack, see the Microsoft Office Project 2003 Resource Kit.

Changing the language of the user interface does not change the file format of Project files you save or change the program in any other way. You don't need a converter to open the files.

Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2003

If you want to check the spelling and grammar in different languages and you don't want to install the Project MUI Pack, you can purchase the Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2003 CD, which you can use with projects created with Project. This add-in package contains the proofing tools that Microsoft makes for more than 50 languages. The tools include fonts, spelling and grammar checkers, AutoCorrect lists, translation dictionaries, and, for Asian languages, Input Method Editors (IMEs) (IME: A program that enters Asian text [Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, or Korean] into programs by converting keystrokes into complex Asian characters. The IME [input method editor] is treated as an alternate type of keyboard layout.).

Applies to:
Project 2003