About start-to-start and finish-to-finish links

When you link tasks (task: An activity that has a beginning and an end. Project plans are made up of tasks.) in Project the default link type (link type: The type of task dependency. The four dependency types are Finish-to-start [FS], Finish-to-finish [FF], Start-to-start [SS], and Start-to-finish [SF].) is finish-to-start, but you can also link tasks at their start dates or their finish dates.

Task dependency Example Description
Start-to-start (SS) Start-to-start dependency Task (B) cannot start until task (A) starts. For example, if you have two tasks, "Pour foundation" and "Level concrete," "Level concrete" can't begin until "Pour foundation" begins.
Finish-to-finish (FF) Finish-to-finish dependency Task (B) cannot finish until task (A) finishes. For example, if you have two tasks, "Add wiring" and "Inspect electrical," "Inspect electrical" can't finish until "Add wiring" finishes.
Applies to:
Project 2003