Work with Graphics, Charts, and Text in the Slide Pane

The slide pane is where the look of your presentation comes together. You can see how graphics, charts, and the design template - with its background elements, colors, and text formatting - all work together to get your message across.

Here are the things you do in the slide pane:

  • Insert AutoShapes and create your own drawings with the tools on the Drawing toolbar.
  • Draw tables with the Draw Table tool (Tables and Borders toolbar).
  • Type text and apply formatting for charts, organization charts, and tables. Text for these items does not appear in the outline pane.
  • Insert graphics, such as clip art and scanned pictures.

The slide pane is also a good place to work on text formatting for bullet points and slide titles, since you will see the results as they appear with the layout and design template you've chosen for your presentation. You can even type and move text for bullet points and slide titles as you can in the outline - the difference is, you can only do it on one slide at a time, not across your entire presentation.