Use Six Sigma to measure and improve processes

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Do you run an efficient business?

Consider this:

  • If your company's processes are working at 99% efficiency and you receive 300,000 orders a month, you'll face 3,000 failed orders every month.
  • If your company's processes are working at Six Sigma efficiency, those 300,000 orders will result in only 1 failed order every month.

Use these solutions to put Six Sigma methodology to work for your business.

Six Sigma is an approach to quality control that focuses on measuring and improving the processes  that your business uses to create your product. Every aspect of your business that is concerned with cost, timeliness, or quality of results can benefit from the Six Sigma approach. Six Sigma helps you understand what aspects of your products are most important to your customers; where your processes are inconsistent; and what improvements will give you the greatest financial return on your effort.

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