Use Keys with the View Buttons in PowerPoint 2000

Microsoft PowerPoint® comes with different views to help you while you are creating a presentation. To switch between views, you click the buttons at the lower left of the PowerPoint window.

View buttons

Each view button has an additional function if you hold down the SHIFT key when you click it:

  • SHIFT+Normal View button Restores the sizes of the three panes of normal view to their defaults.
  • SHIFT+Outline View button Displays the handout master, where you can set the options you want for printed handouts of your presentation.
  • SHIFT+Slide View button Displays the slide master, where you can make global changes to the look of your slides.
  • SHIFT+Slide Sorter View button Displays the handout master, just as when you hold down SHIFT and click the Outline View button.
  • SHIFT+Slide Show button Displays the Set Up Show dialog box (Slide Show menu, Set Up Show command), where you can specify options for running your slide show, such as which slides to display, which monitor or projector to display the slide show on, and whether or not to run animation effects or voice narration when you run the slide show.

Some view buttons also have a special function when you hold down the CTRL key and click them:

  • CTRL+Outline View button Displays the outline in a single pane. Similar to outline view in PowerPoint 97.
  • CTRL+Slide View button Displays the slide in a single pane. Similar to slide view in PowerPoint 97. To see an example of this feature, see A Quick Return to Traditional Slide View in PowerPoint 2000.

And the Slide Show button has a special function when you hold down ALT and click it:

  • ALT+Slide Show button Runs the slide show in a standard window, with custom menus and commands that make it easy for an individual reader to browse your presentation. Similar to browsing a presentation in a Web browser.