Use a picture collage to teach history in PowerPoint

Applies to
Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003
Microsoft PowerPoint® 2002

Slide shows are a great way to express thoughts and ideas, especially in the classroom. To make the learning of historical events interesting and creative, teachers and students can use PowerPoint to build presentations that show how events unfold. The task can be a group or individual effort. PowerPoint offers a few ways to build your presentation and make it look interesting.

An example: Man lands on the moon

To create your collage, you can either manually insert pictures in PowerPoint or you can use the Photo Album feature to insert them. The advantage of using the Photo Album is that you can add many pictures with one click of a button and have them formatted consistently in your slide show.

After you add pictures to your slides, you then need to add transition effects and timing sequences so your historical event plays out in a continual sequence.

Man's First Steps on the Moon - a PowerPoint Collage Man walks on the moon. Man leaves his mark on the moon.

Here are some links to get you started.

Create your slide show by doing one of the following:


Add timings and transition effects to your slide show. Both tasks are optional but recommended, and apply to slide shows created manually or by using Photo Album.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003