Use a free, pre-built template for your next school project

To impress your friends, and most importantly your teacher, download and use a free, pre-built template for your next school project.

Bascially, all it involves is populating the placeholders in the template with your project text and art, running spell check, and you're good to go!

Free templates with creative and colorful themes are available for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from Office Online Templates.

Science Fair

In the sample demo below, notice that the template provides prompt text that instructs the student what to enter into each placeholder. Authors of templates provide that placeholder information.

To create your own templates or customize existing PowerPoint templates, see Create new or reuse existing PowerPoint 2007 templates.

Check out the demo below to see how you can use pre-built templates on Office Online to get a jump-start on your next presentation.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2007