Unpackage and run a presentation on another computer

Applies to
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

To show a presentation that you have packaged using the Pack and Go Wizard, you must unpackage it first.

 Tip    PowerPoint 2010 offers a number of ways to deliver and distribute your presentation. If you want to try the latest version of PowerPoint for free, see Try Office 2010.

  1. Insert the floppy disk or connect to the network or drive location to which you packaged the presentation.
  2. In Windows Explorer, go to the location of the packaged presentation, and then double-click Pngsetup.exe.
  3. In the Pack and Go Setup dialog box, browse to the location to which you want to copy the presentation, and then click OK.
  4. When you are prompted, do one of the following:
    • To run the presentation now, click Yes.
    • To run the presentation later, click No. When you want to run the presentation, go to the location to which you copied it, right-click the presentation, and then click Show on the shortcut menu.

 Note   The Show command is not available if the destination computer does not have Microsoft PowerPoint or the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer installed. If you included the viewer in your package and the Show command isn't on the shortcut menu, open the presentation through the viewer. It has the filename ppview32.exe and is in the same folder as your presentation.

 Note   You can include PowerPoint Viewer 97 when you package a presentation using the Pack and Go Wizard in PowerPoint. Or, you can install the viewer directly on the destination computer from the Office Online Download Center: PowerPoint 2003 Viewer. Both of these viewers open presentations packaged with the Pack and Go Wizard.

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