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Add headers and footers to presentation handouts

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

When you want headers and footers on your printed handouts, you need to select options on which tab, in the Headers and Footers dialog box?

Slide tab.

Notes and Handouts tab.

You've just created headers and footers by selecting options in the Header and Footer dialog box. But when you open print preview to see them, they don't appear in the preview. What's a likely reason?

You need to enable headers and footers in print preview.

You need to make a different selection in the Print What box on the Ribbon.

You've got your handouts open in print preview and you're just about ready to print. But you notice a typo in the footer text. What's a quick way to fix it?

In print preview, click Options, and click Header and Footer.

Close print preview, then in normal view, open the Header and Footer dialog box again and fix the text.

Looking at your handouts in print preview, you decide the headers and footers are too small, and you want to increase the font size. How do you proceed?

In print preview, click Options, and click Header and Footer.

In print preview, select all the header and footer placeholders on one handout page, and then increase the font size.

Close print preview, click the View tab, and click Handout Master.

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