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SharePoint slide libraries II: Use slides in the library

Process of publishing slide to library from within PowerPoint

What about adding a new slide to the library, directly from PowerPoint? Say you've created a slide with new content, a group picture of the company's staff, and you think it belongs in the library. With the presentation open in PowerPoint, you'd follow these steps:

Callout 1 Click the Microsoft Office Button, point to Publish, and click Publish Slides.
Callout 2 In the Publish Slides dialog box, select the slide you want, make sure the URL to the library is correct, and click Publish.

Regarding the URL for the library, PowerPoint will fill this in if you've navigated to the slide library from PowerPoint before. If not, you'll need to type or paste the URL to your library here.


  • You can also right-click one of the slide thumbnails on the Slides tab in the PowerPoint window and click Publish Slides.
  • Don't equate publishing a slide with editing a slide. When you publish, you are adding a new slide to the library. If you want to edit an existing slide, you need to open the slide that's currently in the library and use one of the edit commands, as shown earlier in this course.
  • Publishing from PowerPoint is very similar to publishing when you're starting from the library itself (as detailed in the first course in this series, SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team). In that case, you start with the Upload menu in the library, but from there on, the process is the same.
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